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The future is your #CRE? ( that stands for commercial real estate for the non-mille

You remember the internet? When it first started. Before web 2.0. You remember the day they cut off the internet and launched web 2.0? No? Cuz it never happened!

"What did happen?" " What just happened?" If you are above 40 years old, you probably find yourself asking that question a lot. That, and probably "What are you doing?" Here's the point. Change is constant.

They didn't shut off the internet and launch web2.0.

They didn't stop producing flip phone and start producing the ipone x.

How are your commercial leads generated? Still going to the local golf course? How about the local B2B or chamber of commerce? Well you should be........but don't bet on getting better results.

Today's marketplace is automated. It is vidoevized, bloggerized, shared, uploaded, downloaded, liked, hyperlinked, audiotuned and advertised everywhere, and it's all funneled down into one place. The closer.

It's not all about being the expert anymore. You have to be the expert, and the engine.

Commercial real estate is no different. The days of the "old boys network" or "closed business meeting" are numbered. In Fact the game has already changed. Even if the players aren't aware.

Remember the book Who Moved my Cheese?

Go dust it off, reread it, and get comfortable being uncomfortable. Or you can download it into your phone by clicking the underlined link above. After your purchase it through Amazon, and listen to it through your headset while in your Uber on the way to work................

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