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We have a failure of leadership currently in corporate America. A failure of leadership is a costly mistake. It destroys cash flow, human capital, and time lines. Any organization rises, and falls on leadership. Not on the organization members / employees, etc. Sure you can have bad employees that don't make the numbers. And there is a time and a place for dismissals. But with TRUST in an organization, even bad circumstances can be overcome.

Do you trust your work place? When surveyed, most do not. Bad leadership can be masked for a time period but eventually it will be discovered. If people do not trust their leader or company will they be the most productive?

If you are a leader of any group of people you have a responsibility to build, not erode trust. To influence them to better themselves first, not the company. Which will eventually lead to the betterment of the organization. However, when the bottom line is the main and sometimes the only focus, you have a failure or leadership which will lead to the failure of the company. When you confuse the subject, that those numbers on paper are actually people, lives and futures, your company will suffer.

I've seen this first hand in many business situations as a commercial real estate broker. I get a front row seat to the success and failures of all kinds of business's and business models. I've even seen this in my own life. If you don't trust the company you are working for, and are not happy, you will not be productive. If you are the leader and you are seeing a decline in numbers, there is a trust issue you need to address. Once trust has been reestablished your production / numbers will increase.

Sadly today, most american's don't trust american government. Employees of major corporations don't trust their bosses. Church goes don't trust the church. It is rampant in our culture. And it's results are showing through out our airwaves and lives.

During the industrial ages, america trusted in their government, trust in their employers and trusted in the system.

What happened?

How do we fix it?

Stay tuned for Pt. 2 and why I became a #CorporateAmericaReject

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